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Mist Powered Relaxation - Quick- Easy-Effective

Treat your pet to a spa-like grooming session.

The FluffNMist™ Pet Brush incorporates innovative mist technology that not only untangles and smoothens your pet's fur but also provides a gentle and warm sensation, turning grooming into a relaxing experience that your pet will look forward to.

Gentle & Painless Brushing

Crafted with the utmost care, the FluffNMist™ Pet Brush features soft, yet effective bristles that glide through your pet's fur, removing loose hairs, tangles, and mats without causing discomfort.

The gentle brushing action not only keeps your pet's coat silky and smooth but also promotes a healthy skin and coat, reducing shedding and preventing hairballs.

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FluffNMist™ Pet Brush

Regular price   ¥5,600 Sale price   ¥2,800 Save 50%

Elevate your pet grooming experience with our versatile FluffNMist Pet Brush! Designed for both dogs and cats, this multifunctional grooming tool ensures your furry friend stays impeccably groomed and pampered. Its robust and durable build guarantees comfort, eliminating concerns about potential scratches or irritation. Treat your pet to the best with FluffNMist Pet Brush!

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Professional grooming one session - $75

Average grooming cost per year- $900

FluffNMist Pet Brush - Just $20

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FluffNMist Pet Brush Questions

Yes, absolutely! The FluffNMist Pet Brush is designed for versatile grooming and is perfect for both cats and dogs.

No need to worry! The FluffNMist Pet Brush is crafted with comfort in mind, with soft and gentle bristles. Eliminating concerns about potential scratches or irritation.

Absolutely! Our FluffNMist Pet Brush is suitable for grooming pets with various coat lengths.

Yes! Absolutely! Just make sure the texture of the shampoo or oil is not too thick.

The FluffNMist Pet Brush can be charged using the included USB cable.


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