Instant Aerosol Trigger Handle


Unevenly Spraying By Yourself?

This Portable Paint Handle can help you. Helps to adjust the grip on the spray paint, reducing the difficulty of painting large areas and making it possible for even novice painters to produce good work. Eliminates finger fatigue, evens out pressure, and protects you from aerosols by being further away.

Better Hygiene and Health

There is no direct contact with the spray paint using the spray paint handle, which can result in the spray paint accidentally spraying your hands. The distance from the aerosol is greater, thus, protecting your health.

Double Leverage

Double leverage action with exclusive internal design substantially reduces, on average, 10X less, the amount of force required to actuate the can’s valve, thereby providing effortless spraying.

Many Uses

Industrial supplies, cars and non-motorized vehicles are all suitable for retrofit painting and are easy to operate.

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