Sofa Caddy

Do you constantly lose your remote control? 

Is your sofa constantly covered in food crumbs and stains from your snacks? 

The Sofa Caddy is the perfect solution to your problems!


Great Organizer

This armrest organizer has multiple pockets to store all your remote controls, as well as slots for your mobile devices, books, magazines, and pens.

Made To Last

Our Sofa Caddy is made with thickened Oxford Cloth with precision stitching. It will last for a long time.

Prevent Food Mess and Spills

The tray top also prevents food messes and spills from happening. Keep your sofa clean and remote accessible with the Sofa Caddy!

Sofa Caddy Variations

Take a look at the different colors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help? We've got you covered!

Will this fit on recliners?

Yes, it fits on recliners. Works best on squared arms. It does have a long flap to hold it in place on the inside of the arm. The flat tray is very handy.

Will this fit 11” flat arm rest?

Yes. The tray itself is not quite 11" long and less than 10" wide. The sides are very flexible and will fit any width. Your only concern would be the tray itself.

Is the top tray detachable?

No, it isn't. The top tray is securely attached to the s

Will the sofa caddy slide off the sofa arm?

Our sofa caddy is designed so that one end fits under a cushion to keep it from sliding down from the weight of the remotes.