Gua Sha Facial Body Massage Stone

 This Gua Sha stone is designed to massage the whole body, and is especially great for the neck and back. It is a practical tool for beauty massage and SPA care.


100% Natural Bianstone

Our face scraping tool is made of natural high-quality stone, does not contain any chemical coating, is very safe and durable, super easy to care for, and has no static electricity.

Unique Scraping Edge

Our unique combs have smooth edges that are easy to hold and won't damage your skin. They're also safe and comfortable to use.

The Perfect Gift

This Gua Sha massage tool is the perfect alternative to an eye-roller for puffy eyes and wrinkle release, it is designed for men and women to use for anti-wrinkle, anti-aging facelift, method and beauty self-care.

How To Use

Place the smooth edge against the oiled skin surface, press down firmly, and then move it down following the muscles, or along the pathway of the acupuncture meridians, with each stroke being about 4 – 6 inches long. 

Tip: Use with your favorite essential oil for maximum the benefit!

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