Apple Watch Portable Powerdock

The EASIEST way to charge Your Apple Watch!



Why do I need it?

Our Apple Watch Portable Powerdock is specially for people want to travel lightly without messy cables

It is compact, light, and helps you charge your Apple Watch without any cables!

It charges ALL the Apple Watch Series.

Special Features

MFI certified fast-charging — It’s the most portable charger around. This small, slim wireless battery charger provides quick and efficient charging for your smartwatch.

Small and compact - Extremely portable. Easily fits into your pocket, bag, and even keychain!

Universal compatibility - Suitable for all Apple Watches

Fully cord-less - Charge without tangles, without hassle, with the first TRULY WIRELESS charger.

Eminently portable - Can be plugged into ANY device that has a USB port!

Tell me more

The Portable Charger removes the hassle of bringing extra cords to charge your Apple Watch while you're out traveling.

The best part about our Portable Charger is that it uses the same MFI-certified wireless charging technology present in the original Apple Watch charger, but is upgraded into a sleek, stylish, and convenient device.

The slim charger features a sleek and compact build with a magnetic charging module to seat your Apple Watch for safe charging. It features a USB-friendly charging port that provides a truly cordless connection.

With its sleek, elegant design and high-quality construction, the high-end charger comes with built-in technology that provides safe and fast charging, without any risk of overheating or damage.

The light weight and sturdy design ensures a comfortable and convenient experience while maintaining a rugged exterior that provides powerful wireless charging.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take for a full charge?

The charge speed depends primarily on the USB device your Apple Watch Portable Powerdock is plugged into. On average, the charge speed is about the same as an original Apple Watch charger — approx. 1.5 to 2 hours.

Where can I use my Apple Watch Portable Powerdock ? What devices does it charge with?

You can get the Apple Watch Portable Powerdock with either a USB-A or USB-C plug, and will work with any USB device that has a charge capacity. Most of our customers have connected the Apple Watch Portable Powerdock to laptops, powerbanks, car chargers, regular chargers, all wall outlets, and desktop computers. 

Is the Apple Watch Portable Powerdock compatible with my watch?

The Apple Watch Portable Powerdock is compatible with all Apple Watch series. Please note that although it is rare, some watch cases may interfere with the connection and hinder charging. If this happens, simply remove the watch case and place the watch onto the Apple Watch Portable Powerdock.

Is the Apple Watch Portable Powerdock MFI certified?

Yes it is

Will the Apple Watch Portable Powerdock damage my Apple Watch?

We have sold many Apple Watch Portable Powerdocks and have not once had a report of our product damaging customer devices. The Apple Watch Portable Powerdock should not damage your device.

Can I use Apple Watch Portable Powerdock instead of my original Apple Watch charger?

Certainly. Many of our customers have gifted Apple Watch Portable Powerdock to their friends and families, after they realized how much more convenient our device is, compared to the original Apple charger.

Do I need any cords/cables/wires?

Do I need any cords/cables/wires?

Absolutely not. Our device offers a convenient, cord-free charging solution.

Two USB Connector Types Available

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